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The versatile C&K switches are used, among other things, in industry, in vehicles and aircraft, in medical equipment for minimally invasive procedures, in servers, telephone systems, in consumer goods and in payment systems such as card readers. A wide variety of switch types are available, such as pushbuttons, slide switches, rotary switches, toggle switches and rocker switches.

Depending on the series, the switches comply with ISO standards 9001, 14001, 50001 and IATF 16949. Furthermore, the following aerospace industry certificates are available: ESA certificates for D*M, D*MA, MDM, MTB connector types and accessories, ESA certificate for quick locking screw connections for rectangular connectors and connector fuses, military certificate, AS9100.

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Series of products

  • Tactile Switches

    Tactile Switches

    C&K offers a wide range of tactile switches designed for the most demanding applications

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  • Key Switches

    Key Switches

    The key switches are designed for use in demanding environments. The RoHS compliant switches are widely used in appliances, electronic games, video applications and industrial controls due to their high temperature resistance.

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  • Pushbutton Switches

    Pushbutton Switches

    The pushbutton switch series for surface mounting and panel mounting includes push and latching versions. These switches are used in countless applications.

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  • Snap Switches

    Snap Switches

    The wide range of snap-action switches includes miniature, small, medium and large models in metal enclosures. With a choice of 22 series, the snap-action switches offer general purpose, precision, interlocking, miniature, small, medium and large heavy duty and sealed switch categories to ensure an optimal performance solution.

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  • Slide Switches

    Slide Switches

    The slide switches are suitable for PCB, surface mount and panel mounting. They have positive latching, sealing and short-circuiting or non-short-circuiting contacts.

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  • DIP Switches

    DIP Switches

    Surface mount DIP switches have a variety of actuation types and are available in surface mount, through-hole, right angle and vertical mount options.

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  • Detect Switches

    Detect Switches

    With 19 different series of contact switches, C&K offers a wide range of SMT, through-hole, panel and snap-in/package and screw-mount versions.

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  • Navigation Switches

    Navigation Switches

    The navigation switches are miniaturised, compact and multidirectional products and have an adjustable 4-way directional switch designed for mirror control, for example.

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  • Toggle Switches

    Toggle Switches

    The wide range of toggle switches includes low-voltage miniature, sub-miniature and ultra-miniature models, up to high-power versions with 10 A.

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  • Rocker Switches

    Rocker Switches

    The rocker switches are available in illuminated and sealed/waterproof versions. They are suitable for surface mounting and panel mounting.

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  • Switchlocks


    Available in plastic or metal housings, the switchlocks support a wide range of safety requirements.

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  • Rotary Switches

    Rotary Switches

    Rotary switches are available for applications from 10 mA to 12 A. With multi-pole, half-inch, rota-slide, power rota-slide and subminiature variants, the switches offer shorting and non-shorting contacts.

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