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The ITW Distributor Börsig offers many different plastic accessories.

For cable-mounting, for example, you can get cable ties, Drillers, cable holders, cable Clips etc.

Furthermore the Börsig GmbH offers enclosure feet, screw- and adhesive-sockets or wire end ferrules.

Series of products

  • Cable ties

    Cable ties
    • Different sizes
    • Different colors
    • With lable-latch
    • With fastening-eye
    • With fork-foot
  • Drillers

    • <font color="#000000">Different sizes and colors</font>
    • <font color="#000000">Square-edged and rounded versions</font>
    • <font color="#000000">With fork-foot</font>
    • <font color="#000000">With adhesive socket</font>
  • Enclosure feet

    Enclosure feet
    • <font color="#000000">Square, cylindric or semi-circular types</font>
    • <font color="#000000">Different sizes</font>
    • <font color="#000000">Different colors</font>
  • Wire end ferrules

    Wire end ferrules
    • <font color="#000000">Different wire-diameters</font>
    • <font color="#000000">Different lenghts</font>
    • <font color="#000000">Different colors</font>
    • <font color="#000000">In single- and dual-version</font>
  • Screw- and adhesive-sockets

    Screw- and adhesive-sockets

    <font color="#000000">For mounting cable-ties on all different sorts of surfaces by screwing or adhering.</font>

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