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Besides connectors with screw or bayonet coupling complying with the Mil-DTL-5015 standard, Van-System designs and manufactures non-standard products for special applications. One of Van-System’s strong points is an agile and dynamic organizational structure which enables direct and constant interaction with customers in order to meet all their requirements and build solid, long-term partnerships. The Van-System team’s professionalism, skill and commitment are at your service to help you achieve the solution you are looking for. Van-System’s Quality System is qualified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/TS 22163:2017 IRIS CertificationTM rules: 2017 (International Railway Industry Standard).

Since 2015 Van-System has been a Radiall company. Radiall is a global manufacturer of leading-edge interconnect solutions. Since 1952, the company has offered an extensive range of components designed for harsh environments in the railway and industrial markets, including rolling stock, signaling and infrastructure applications. The company has developed an award-winning reputation and established strong relationships with its customers by providing simplified yet innovative solutions, as well as custom solutions.


Series of products

  • GM Connectors

    GM Connectors

    Van-System's modular and data connectors are designed for accepting modules for many different applications, including Ethernet and data transmission cat. 7A/7/6A, coaxial connections, fiber optics, power cables and signals up to 14 wires. These connectors provide a flexible solution for data and signal transmissions in harsh railway environments.

    The EVBS-C7 bayonet connector for Ethernet cat. 7A is vibration and shock resistant. EVBS is the definitive alternative for Ethernet static interconnections inside railway vehicles. The connectors can be applied in sensors and Ethernet connection cat. 6/5E. They can be used for passenger control, display, internet connection, networking, light control, diagnostic support for brakes, motors and doors.

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  • Cicular Connectors

    Cicular Connectors

    Van-System designs and produces circular connectors for harsh environments. The Van-System series, deriving from MIL-DTL-5015 and VG95234 specs, has become a popular standard among railway connection applications.

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  • Industrial High Power Connectors

    Industrial High Power Connectors

    Van-System Industrial power connectors are designed to provide safe, reliable and quick connections for cable-to-cable or cable-to-equipment in electrical power distribution systems. These single-pole power connectors up to 750 amps feature an innovative locking mechanism.

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  • High Power Connectors

    High Power Connectors

    In addition to connectors with screw or bayonet coupling, Radiall Van-System also develops non-standard products for special applications (railways, ATEX environments and automation). A PWBS single-pole bayonet connector (size 40 or 32 shells) has been developed for motor connection in railway applications up to 1,000 A. CP rectangular power connectors have 3, 4 or 5 poles and are ideal for motor-to-vehicle connections in railway applications.

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  • Industrial Power & Signal Circular Connectors

    Industrial Power & Signal Circular Connectors

    Van-System has developed an industrial circular connector series according to MIL-C-5015 specification for electrical connectors typically called MS. These connectors were designed for aviation applications, and they have been used for many industrial applications thanks to their versatility, reliability and ease of supply.

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  • Rack & Panel

    Rack & Panel

    Recognized as a specialist for circular connectors for railway and energy applications, Radiall offers Rack & Panel solutions for railway applications. Today, equipment manufacturers look for more cost-effective Rack & Panel features. We offer modularity, lightweight and high density shells that can be used on standalone architecture.

    Series DSX - Arinc 404 - SAE-AS81659 catalogue

    Series EPX - EN 4644 catalogue

    Series MPX - EN3682 - MIL - DTL - 83527 catalogue

    Series NSX - Arinc 600 catalogue

  • Explosion Proof Connectors

    Explosion Proof Connectors

    Van-System CVB ATEX connector series can be used in hazardous and potentially explosive environments. These connectors are applied in oil and gas sectors, as well as mining and power plant industries.

    Application area:

    • Suitable for surface applications
    • Group II Zones 1, 21, 2 and 22 (gas and dust)
    • Gas group IIC • Ambient temperature -40 °C/+120 °C


    Suitable for underground applications:

    • Group I category M2 can be installed on devices and enclosures designed with the following type of protection:
      • Explosion proof Ex d - EN60079-1
      • Increased safety Ex e - EN60079-7
      • Intrinsic safety Ex i - EN60079-11
      • Pressurization Ex p - EN60079-2

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