CK-Tactile Switches

C&K offers a wide range of miniature, ultraminiature and microminiature tactile switches for PCB mounting.  Available in J-bend, gull wing, illuminated, sealed, low-profile, low-noise, SMT and through-hole versions, C&K's tactile switches are designed for the most demanding applications.

C&K's tactile switches offer superior performance and can be customized to meet your application requirements.



  • Automotive (airbags, heating/air conditioning, door handles, pillar switches).
  • Aerospace (main cabin lighting, flight attendant buttons)
  • Consumer electronics (cell phones, headsets, remote controls, wearable electronics)
  • Medical (hearing aids, health diagnostics, wearable devices)
  • Industrial (control panels, measuring devices, power supplies)
  • Computers (keyboards)
  • Telecommunications/network equipment
  • Handheld applications (power and selector switches, volume controls, key fobs)


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