Detect Switches

With 19 different series of standard detector switches, C&K offers the widest selection of SMT, through-hole, panel, snap-in/package, and screw-mount versions. C&K's detector switches are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes, with different actuator orientations including vertical or horizontal, top or side, or right angle or left, and soft actuation. These detector switches include low-profile, compact, micro and ultra-miniature designs, with some sealed versions available.

Choose from traditional detector switches, snap-action switches, tactile switches, magnetic reed switches or door interlocks for your optimal detector switch solution.  In general, C&K detector switches operate at low current, require less space, and offer higher life cycles (100k ~ 1M).



  • Automotive (sensors, displays)
  • Consumer electronics (audiovisual equipment, handhelds)
  • Appliances (household appliances, household goods)
  • Computers (peripherals, printers, infrastructure, servers/storage, IT)
  • Industrial (sensors, factory automation, test equipment)
  • Security controls (intrusion/alarm switches in network PCs, telecom devices, cellular base stations, door/window alarms)
  • Medical devices (including portable monitoring devices)
  • telecommunication devices (ATCA and MicroTCA devices)
  • mobile communication devices
  • Door interlocks that act as detectors (computer and industrial enclosures)
  • Payment terminals (card detector)

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