Slide Switches

With ultra-miniature, micro, miniature, standard, industrial and power versions, C&K offers slide switches suitable for PCB, surface mount and panel mount applications. Available in SPST, SPDT, SP3T, DPST, DPDT, 3PDT, 4PDT and 4P3T functions, C&K offers slide switches with positive latching, sealing and shorting or non-shorting contacts.

C&K's Series 16 slide switches offer engineers more design flexibility and options in size, mounting, actuation types, ratings and enclosures. Whether you're designing controls or consumer products, headphones or HVAC controls, portable speakers or laptops, audio equipment or alarm systems, C&K slide switches quickly integrate into your next design.



  • Computers, peripherals and network devices (laptops, network hubs, routers, gaming controllers)
  • Telecommunications equipment (telephone and cable modems, audio-visual equipment, microphones)
  • Consumer electronics (handheld games, remote controls, headphones, headsets, earbuds, channel selectors on set-top boxes)
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Appliances (small and large, both indoor and outdoor)
  • Small devices (handheld devices, portable tools, office equipment)
  • Automotive and medical applications
  • Thermostat selector switches
  • Lighting devices


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