HARTING Han® M Bulkhead Mounted Housings for extreme conditions


Our manufacturer HARTING has revised and optimized his bulkhead mounted housing of the Han® M portfolio. In mated and locked condition the previous housings had the protection class IP65. The new ones are more resistant and offer a higher security for external influences.

Han® M Housing for high environmental demands

The new bulkhead mounted housings of HARTING's Han® M series are protecting the inner workings of connectors against powerful jets of water (protection class IP66) as well as against immersion up to a depth of one meter (protection class IP67) according to IEC 60539.

The housing is accessed from the outside because of its circumferential collar which also prevents the seal from slipping inwards and outwards. Additional the seal of the new housing is more solid as the one of its predecessor and compensates unevennesses. A special flange prevents the immersion of water into the inner working and protects the connector's points of contact.

The new housing of the manufacturer HARTING offers a higher protection against external influences like the immersion of water and ensures safety either under extreme conditions and weather influences.

Key benefits of HARTING's new Han® M Bulkhead Mounted Housing:

  • High corrosion protection
  • Optimal for the exterior area
  • Suitable for extreme conditions and weather influences
  • Waterproof, immersion up to the depth of one meter temporarily possible (depends on protection class)
  • Space-saving: Around one third smaller than housings of the protection class IP68

Technical specifications:

  • Compatible with all Han® M hoods
  • Material: aluminium die-cast
  • Protection class: IP66 and IP67
  • Available in construction size 6 B, 10 B, 16 B and 24 B
  • Operating temperatures ranging from -40°C up to +125°C
  • Locking element out of high quality stainless steel (do not rust)

Examples of typical applications:

  • Wind turbines
  • Cranes
  • Switchboards
  • Transportation technology (e.g. train)
  • Construction machines
  • Machinery and plant engineering


Datasheet HARTING Han® M Bulkhead Mounted Housing (PDF / 0,4 MB)

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