Test winner: Weller's WE1010 soldering station


Our longstanding partner Weller is one of the best known manufacturers of soldering stations. Weller's new WE1010 soldering station has won the Heimwerker Praxis comparative test of electronic soldering stations (issue 1/18).

6 different soldering stations were tested and compared, rating categories such as temperature, operation and equipment. For example, the temperature accuracy, performance of the soldering iron with both new and old tin and the stability of the rod stand were all assessed. Equipment and cost effectiveness were also included in the overall test rating.

WE1010 – Powerful, reliable, user-friendly, cost effective

The WE1010 soldering station was especially developed by Weller for the training sector, professional users and also cable assembly. The station's compact design and user-friendly menu were particularly impressive.

Another advantage is the soldering station's good temperature performance. Reliably high quality and repeatable soldering results can be achieved thanks to the ability to lock in temperature settings.

The WEP 70 soldering iron has a short round tip which heats up quickly and can be replaced without tools while still hot.

Thanks to the handle's ergonomic design, the soldering iron fits securely in the hand and also in the safety stand.

Benefits at a glance:

  •     70W soldering iron with ergonomic design
  •     Toolless tip change
  •     ESD* safe soldering station, iron and heat-resistant silicone cable
  •     Standby mode and auto setback protect the equipment and the environment
  •     Password-protected to preserve settings

*ESD= electrostatic discharge

Technical specifications:

  •     Voltage: 230 V
  •     Power output: 85 W
  •     Temperature range: 100°C + 450°C (depends on tool)
  •     Temperature accuracy: ± 9 C°
  •     Temperature stability: ± 6C°
  •     Display: Digital LC Display
  •     Fixed settings: yes

Pack contains:

  •     WE1 Soldering Station 230V
  •     WEP 70 Soldering Iron
  •     PH 70 Safety Rest for WEP 70
  •     ETA Soldering Tip

<link file:1494 _blank download data sheet weller we1010>Weller WE 1010 Soldering Station Data Sheet

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