The EAO Smart-Box is ideal for remote control units


Machines or systems in industrial environments are increasingly dependent on flexible operating units with regard to functionality and / or front design. For this reason, our manufacturer EAO has developed the Smart-Box, which has a simple and customizable "Snap, Plug & Play" solution for decentralized operating units.

When assembling, there is a time saving in that the operating elements are mounted on the mounting adapter without a special tool and easy snapping on. In addition, it is possible to place the device directly on a standard top hat rail without the mounting adapter. This results a unique level of flexibility in terms of number and arrangement of the Smart Boxes. EAO series 84 is very well suited for the use of control elements.

The technical specifications:

    Protection class IP67
    Operating temperatures ranging from -25 ° C to + 70 ° C
    Can be used in dirty environments, high humidity or severe vibration
    Easy snap-on mounting and M12 connection technology


Your Key Benefits:

    Simple, compact and universal
    Flexible, sturdy and compact design
    Front design and functionality can be customized
    Standard assortment

Typical applications:

  •     CNC machines
  •     Semiconductor and electronics production
  •     Food and beverages
  •     Industrial lifting and handling automation
  •     Production and process control
  •     packaging systems
  •     production lines

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