DEUTSCH Series: Official distribution franchise for Börsig


The Electronic-Distributor Börsig from Neckarsulm (Germany) receives the official distribution franchise for the DEUTSCH series of the manufacturer TE Connectivity.

What DEUTSCH stands out for

The DEUTSCH connector series stand out with their rugged construction. Therefore they are suitable for applications in demanding environments. For example they're resistant to vibrations, extreme temperature conditions, chemicals and fluids. The reliability of DEUTSCH has been approved for more than 70 years now.


DT is one of the most popular DEUTSCH series. It was specifically designed for wire-to-wire connections. Although flange and board mounted options are available as well. Due to their thermoplastic housing and sealings made from silicone they are ideally equipped for harsh sourroundings.

Download: Flyer DEUTSCH DT Series

Your key benefits at Börsig

Börsig holds a high level of stock for the DEUTSCH products as well as for other TE series. As usual Börsig is aiming for standard availability and leadtimes short as possible if at all necessary. In addition, the products can be ordered outside of packing units as well as without charge for small quantities at Börsig.

To make the different series as accessible as possible we compiled an overview of all the DEUTSCH series.

Your designated sales team will be happy to answer your questions as well as to prepare your personal quotation.

 Overview of the DEUTSCH Series

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