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TE Connectivity Ltd.
Pfnorstraße 1
64293 Darmstadt

TE Connectivity is the worlds largest supplier for connection solutions for electricity-, data- and signal-lines. The areas of application are divers – starting with industrial applications over automotive and aerospace, broadband-communication, consumer-area all the way to energysolutions.

19 global design-centres and a sustainable research & development deliver innovations to the future market requirements.

This company is still known as Tyco Electronics and includes brands like Alcoswitch, AMP, Raychem, SCHRACK and DEUTSCH.

The authorized TE Connectivity Distributor Börsig sells TE products from stock and outside of the packaging units.

Series of products

  • Soft Shell

    Soft Shell

    The soft shell connectors realise reliable and economic connections for numerous poles and are being covered by following sub-series:

    • MATE-N-LOK
    • Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK
    • Micro MATE-N-LOK
    • VAL-U-LOK
    • AMP-DUAC
  • D-Sub connectors

    D-Sub connectors

    High diversity of D-Sub connectors e.g.:

    • HD 20, HDF 20 and HD 22
    • Wire to wire / wire to board
    • Straight and angled cableoutlet
  • Automotive


    For the automotive sector mainly are being used:

    • SUPERSEAL series with crimp termination
    • Components for hybrid-, electric- and combustion-engines
    • Relais and High-current-switches
  • PCB connectors and flatcables

    PCB connectors and flatcables
    • Wire to board / board to board
    • Single- and dual-row connectors
    • Gastight connections

    Ranges like MOD I, MOD II, MOD IV and Micro-MaTch

  • CPC – circular connectors

    CPC – circular connectors
    • Four different connector-sizes
    • Six different sup-series with different terminal-variants
    • Plastic- and Metal-versions
  • Application tooling

    Application tooling
    • Matching dies for crimp contacts 
    • Ergonomic hand tools for crimp contacts
    • Pneumatic crimping machines
    • Applicators for terminal crimping
    • Insertion and extraction tools
  • Shrink tubes and form parts by Raychem

    Shrink tubes and form parts by Raychem
    • Shrink tubes from different series, depending on the application in different materials, sizes, with or without glue, colors and specifications
    • Form parts in different versions, materials, sizes, with or without glue, angled or straight and with or without lips
  • Dynamic series

    Dynamic series

    The dynamic series for industrial applications includes wire to wire and wire to board socket-housings with male matingparts that could be loose or mounted. Also PCB-pinheaders in straight and angled, coded enclosure-versions.

  • Relays

    • PCB relays
    • Industrial relays for electro-installation and switch-cabinet-construction
    • Accessories like DIN-rail-fitting or pluggable moduls
    • RoHs - compliant
  • Corcom-filters

    • Line filters
    • Line input-filters
    • Modular-jacks with built-in filters
    • Satisfying the FCC- and international EMV-standards
  • HDC (HTS) – Heavy Duty Connectors

    HDC (HTS) – Heavy Duty Connectors

    HDC (former HTS) industrial connectors and system-components meet the electrical and mechanical requirements following application-areas:

    • Machine-building
    • Energy-technology
    • Traffic-techology
    • Telecommunications
    • Automation-technology

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