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We offer all components for the charging process, both for the infrastructure and for the vehicle, from a single source. Our main focus is on supporting our customers in the field of commercial and special vehicle construction.

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Mechanical Engineering

As a competent partner in this field, we can offer you almost all the components you need for your requirements thanks to the complementary portfolios of the various manufacturers.

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Electrical Cabinet

Electrical cabinet construction is the design and manufacture of switchgear that is used in technical systems and machines. Switchgears are used to control and monitor technical processes. With us you get high-quality electromechanical components of the various manufacturers in our portfolio.

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SPE - Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors fully offer a more cost-effective alternative to the previous Ethernet connections. Both the higher speed of data transmission and the space-saving concept of the connectors score points. The manufacturers binder, HARTING, PHOENIX CONTACT and TE Connectivity are working intensively on this topic.

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EU agreement USB-C ports

The European Union has announced an agreement to adopt uniform USB-C connectors as the standard for many devices, helping to ensure that consumers can rely on a consistent and secure charging and data transfer method.

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M23 Circular Connectors

The M23 circular connectors are the right choice for reliable connections with high performance. They are ideal for various industries in demanding environments.

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