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Büschel Connecting Systems GmbH
Emil-Mayer-Straße 10
72461 Albstadt

Büschel Connecting Systems (BCS) specialises in the development, production and worldwide sale of high-precision electrical plug connecting systems.

With an exceptionally wide range of high-quality products, BCS is capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications. To this end, the core capabilities of BCS are concentrated on the development and manufacture of plug connectors for use in situations involving severe stresses and extreme conditions. From the development stage to mass production, the entire process is dedicated to satisfying customers' requirements.

Your BCS connector, e.g. Büschel plug connectors or circular connectors with axial aligned contacts, you can get from the Büschel Distributor Börsig with personal and competent advice.

Series of products

  • Büschel plug connectors

    Büschel plug connectors

    The Büschel connector for years have been a well-proven connector manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. This connectors key-attributes for one are the low transfer resistance, high transmission capacity, secure contacting, rugged design and the ability of multiple couplings. Available are versions for enclosure mounting, rivet mounting, cable versions, pole versions and shortcut-connectors.

  • Circular connectors with axial aligned contacts

    Circular connectors with axial aligned contacts

    These connectors, engineered and manufactured in Germany, are in particular interesting due to their rugged design and the ability to rotate the connector under load. Through their modular design 2 – 8 pole versions are available for BCS-6 and BCS-12.

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