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EAO was founded in 1947 and manufactures high-quality push-buttons, switches, keyboards as well as entire control units.

EAO is a global partner for human machine interfaces in industries like transportation (public and cargo), machine building and automation, security and entry control, hauling and lifting, audio/video and automotive.

This manufacturer stands for creativity, innovation and excellent design.

An EAO switch or other human machine interface solutions can be ordered at the EAO Distributor Börsig.

Series of products

  • Emergency brake and stop switches

    Emergency brake and stop switches
    • Different model ranges
    • Twist-release in clockwise direction
    • Front protection rating IP65
    • Diverse termination - possiblities
    • Illumination possible
    • Diverse accessories
  • Luminous indicators and push-buttons

    Luminous indicators and push-buttons
    • Different model ranges
    • Different sizes
    • Front protection rating IP40, IP65 and IP67
    • Diverse termination - possiblities
    • Diverse color-possibilities
    • Engraved button-hoods available
  • Key-switches and selector-switches

    Key-switches and selector-switches
    • Front protection rating IP40 and IP65
    • Diverse termination-possibilities
    • Diverse color-possibilities
    • Various positions possible
  • Multi-Tone Sound Modules & Buzzers

    Multi-Tone Sound Modules & Buzzers

    Multi-Tone Sound Modules warn people by means of an audible signal of potentially dangerous situations. They can be used for automated closing mechanisms for doors, pedestrian crossings, security access systems and so on. The tone sequence programs can be customised and the front protection is IP69K.

    The buzzers are audible warning devices, used in machinery, medical equipment, lifting and transport equipment, cockpits, driver cabins and building installations. The service life of electrical and audio components is very long and the front protection is IP65.

  • Illuminated buttons

    Illuminated buttons

    EAO sets new standards with the 57 series. The range of illuminated pushbuttons includes door openers, illuminated indicators, warning indicators and emergency call buttons. All pushbuttons are robust, vandal-proof and can be used even in demanding environmental conditions.

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