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The Harness Maker Kabelkonfektionen Börsig GmbH assembles a broad variety of connectors of numerous manufacturers. If termination is being realized by soldering all manufacturers are possible. If a crimp-termination should be your choice we have to check whether the required crimiping-tool is available. Every eventual detail will be checked in communication with the customer.

Besides the core-business with the listed product-series assemblies with crimp-connectors as well as with flatcable and insulation-displacement-termination by TE Connectivity, assemblies featuring HF-components by HUBER+SUHNER, single-strand-manufacturing up to 300 mm² with components by Zoller&Fröhlich as well as Klauke and Harness-assembly is being realized.

After the assembling, the entire customer order is checked 100 percent. This ensures high quality of our cable assembly.

Series of products

  • Assemblies featuring circular connectors

    Assemblies featuring circular connectors

    <font color="#000000">For circular connector-assemblies all existing kinds of termination possible – Solder, screw and crimp. Products by Binder, Phoenix, Lemo and Amphenol come to use.</font>

  • Assemblies feat. heavy-duty industrial connectors

    Assemblies feat. heavy-duty industrial connectors

    <font color="#000000">Heavy industrial connectors, modular setups too, for instance manufactured by HARTING are being assembled customer specific.</font>

  • Assemblies featuring military connectors

    Assemblies featuring military connectors

    <font color="#000000">Military connectors, like the products manufactured by Glenair are also being assembled for civil applications. Solutions like these are predestinated for demanding surroundings and are favoured in rail-applications and special-vehicles.</font>

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