HARTING Single Pair Ethernet - the infrastructure for IIoT

HARTING relies on standardization, industry partnerships, development and research for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE). For the Single Pair Ethernet standard, international standardization committees have chosen the SPE mating face of the HARTING Technology Group in a multi-stage selection process. 

With the T1 Industrial interface specially developed by HARTING for SPE, they offer SPE interfaces for industrial applications that are supported by all international standards: 

  • Standardized according to IEC 63171-6 
  • Variants for the control cabinet in IP20 and field cabling with the proven M8 and M12 designs
  • M8 Hybrid for simple cabling with separate circuits for power supply and SPE
  • Specified as an industrial interface by ISO/IEC SC25 WG3 in ISO/IEC 11801-3 and by TIA42 in ANSI/TIA 568.7
  • Matched to IEC 61156-x and IEEE 802.3 cable and transmission standards. 
  • The standard interface for your IIoT application 

Devices, cables and connectivity are getting smaller, more robust and more powerful. From the smallest sensor to the cloud: single pair Ethernet (SPE) enables barrier-free transmission of data via Ethernet over just one pair of wires at up to 1/10 GBit/s with ranges of up to 1000 meters at 10 Mbit/s. The previous Ethernet requires two or four wire pairs - SPE only one, thus saving costs and weight. 


Advantages at a glance: 

  • Transmission speeds from 10Mbit/s to 1/10 GBit/s 
  • Simplified cabling saves space and weight 
  • Time savings in setting up, maintaining and operating industrial networks 
  • Power over Data Line (PoDL) provides power supply and improved reliability of end devices 
  • Transmission ranges of up to 1000 meters at 10 Mbit/s
  • Replaces analog interfaces, bus systems and other proprietary systems at the field level 
  • Ethernet allows continuous Ethernet communication from the control level to the field level to sensors and actuators
  • Reduced complexity of automation networks 

Printed circuit board connectors

  • T1 Industrial Jack AH IP20 
  • T1 Ind.jack,T1-M12 str.,8mm 
  • T1 Ind. Jack M12, angled 

Industrial Ethernet SPE Switches

  • Ha-VIS eCon 3026 BT-AT1-SPE 
  • HA-VIS eCon 3026 GBT-AT1-SPE 


SPE media converter

  • Ha-VIS eCon 3011BT-AT1-SPE 
  • Ha-VIS eCon 3011GBT-AT1-SPE 


Adapter plate

  • preLink PCB to T1 module 

Cable connectors

  • T1 Industrial plug SL-C IP20 

Crimp contacts

  • T1 male crimp AWG 22-24 (500pcs/reel) 
  • T1 male crimp AWG 26-28 (500pcs/reel) 

Copper cable (round)

  • T1 SPE IP20 1x2xAWG26/7 PUR von 0,2 m bis 40 m 
  • T1 SPE IP20 1x2xAWG22/7 PUR von 0,2 m bis 40 m 
  • T1 IP20 -M12 T1 SPE 1x2xAWG22/7 PUR von 0,2 m bis 1 m 

Hand crimping tool

  • T1 Industrial crimp tool (AWG 28-26) 
  • T1 Industrial crimp tool (AWG 24-22) 
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