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Bopla offers engineering, manufacturing and customizing of innovative enclosure systems, membrane keyboards, electronic subunits and entire system solutions incorporating longtime experience. This manufacturer offers 100-percent quality and top-notch service.

The different BOPLA enclosures and input devices are available at the authorized BOPLA Distributor Börsig. In addition, customer-specific enclosures can be made. The insertion of input devices into the enclosures is also possible.

Series of products

  • Display Enclosures

    Display Enclosures
    • up to protection class IP65
    • available in black, white and light gray
    • different variants selectable (desk-shaped or straight)
    • processing possible, such as printing or the installation of a membrane keypad

    Display enclosures | BOPLA 

  • Industrial Enclosures

    Industrial Enclosures
    • up to protection class IP69
    • up to IK 09
    • available in many different sizes
    • possibility to integrate membrane keypads due to recessed surfaces
    • suitable for particularly robust environments

    Industrial enclosure | BOPLA 

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  • Controller Enclosures

    Controller Enclosures
    • Protection class up to IP66 / IP68
    • available in 2 standard colors
    • installation of 19" components possible
    • different fronts available
    • membrane keyboards and input units can be integrated

    Controller enclosures | BOPLA 

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  • Enclosures for Electronics

    Enclosures for Electronics
    • protection class up to IP65
    • different basic sizes are available
    • available in black, white, graphite gray, light gray and agate gray
    • available with or without ventilation slots
    • concealed screw connections

    Enclosures for electronics | BOPLA 

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  • Console Enclosures

    Console Enclosures
    • up to protection class IP65
    • optimal field of application in medical or laboratory technology
    • ergonomic housing - easy to operate
    • a recessed surface allows the inclusion of a membrane keypad

    Console enclosures | BOPLA 

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  • Hand-held Enclosures

    Hand-held Enclosures
    • up to protection class IP68
    • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • optimal use as hand control
    • recessed surface for mounting a membrane keypad
    • individual mechanical processing as well as printing and assembly are also possible

    Hand-held enclosures | BOPLA 

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  • Aluminium Profil Enclosures

    Aluminium Profil Enclosures
    • up to protection class IP68
    • many basic sizes
    • special lengths possible due to length variability
    • easy mechanical processing
    • recessed membrane keypad area available in the upper part
    • individual coloring possible already from small quantities
    • thin-walled and light or thick-walled and robust versions available

    Aluminium profile enclosures | BOPLA 

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  • Desktop Enclosures

    Desktop Enclosures
    • up to protection class IP54
    • stackable thanks to special cap sets
    • desk-shaped applications for better operability
    • individual ventilation possibilities depending on the arrangement of the half-shells
    • suitable for 19" racks, cassettes and PCBs
    • smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
    • and much more

    Desktop enclosures | BOPLA 

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  • 19 inch Enclosures

    19 inch Enclosures
    • up to protection class IP54
    • modern 19" desktop enclosure
    • standard DIN IEC 60297-3-101
    • ideal for railroad technology
    • choice of metal or plastic

    19 inch enclosures | BOPLA 

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  • Control Panel Mounting Enclosure

    Control Panel Mounting Enclosure
    • up to protection class IP66
    • housing made of plastic or aluminum selectable
    • installation of 19" components possible
    • choice of different fronts
    • extensive accessories

    Control panel mounting enclosure | BOPLA

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  • DIN Rail Enclosures

    DIN Rail Enclosures
    • Protection class up to IP40
    • available in different sizes
    • available in light gray, graphite gray, black and natural anodized color
    • quick mounting due to simple snap-in technology
    • extensive accessories. e.g. suitable connection terminals

    DIN rail enclosures | BOPLA 

  • Empty Enclosures

    Empty Enclosures
    • up to protection class IP68
    • can be used in a wide range of applications
    • choice of several material variants
    • elegant designs are innovative and shapely
    • many housings have a recessed membrane keypad area in the upper part
    • available in desk-shaped variants

    Empty enclosures | BOPLA 

  • Plastic Enclosures

    Plastic Enclosures
    • low weight
    • high functionality and sophisticated appearance
    • individual design according to your wishes
    • on request including many additional services
    • integration of input systems and other components possible

    Plastic enclosures | BOPLA 

  • Aluminium Enclosures

    Aluminium Enclosures
    • high impact resistance, high stability and durability
    • good possibilities for EMC shielding
    • high heat dissipation
    • depending on the model: aluminum housings that are waterproof, in some cases even seawater resistant
    • length variability for the profile housings: the length of the aluminum profile of these models is freely selectable

    Customised aluminium enclosures | BOPLA 

  • Membrane Keypads

    Membrane Keypads
    • High quality workmanship
    • User-friendly operation due to functional keys and individual additional features
    • Customizable - both in terms of technical aspects and design
    • Resistant to environmental influences such as industrial environments
    • Can be integrated in electronic housings and in your operating units

    individual membrane keypads | BOPLA 

    standard membrane keypads | BOPLA 

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