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Since 1969 the 100% family-owned company is a franchised partner as electronic distributor of premium manufacturers for electromechanical components. Electronic connectors, relays, switches, cables, tools, plastic accessories and other electronic components are being traded with on an international level. The trading activities are being extended by the own cable assembly and is offering customer-specific, high-quality solutions.

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Pledge of quality

It is our goal to satisfy our customers with all our activities. This is why the quality of our service has the highest priority. Primacy of quality! Every employee of the Börsig is part of the continuous improvement process.

Source: Qualitymanagementsystem of the Börsig GmbH

The companie's quality-consciousness is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Börsig is ...

Capable employees

Our sales teams have a great product knowledge. Consistent product training, longtime experience, practical know-how and direct access to our warehouse enable customer specific solutions offered by your contact-person.

Strong in export

For over the last years we now have maintained a steady growing export sales team for our foreign customers in 53 countries all around the globe. Constant training of our sales staff in every direction facilitates the skills in order to meet the special requirements of the international markets. Starting in 2013 we are establishing a field service for our key-accounts in Europe.


In our own central warehouse every order is picked and packed by hand. This offers the maximal possible consideration of  customer specific requirements.

Börsig offers:

  • Sale apart from packaging quantities for stocked items
  • No minimum order value
  • No surcharge for small-volume orders
  • Customer-specific stock-options

Through market-driven storing a maximum of supply availability is being achieved.

History of the company - from 1969 to today

In August of 1969 Heribert Börsig is founding the trading-company Börsig & Stecker oHG. Based at the initial office in Stein am Kocher the first connectors are being sold. Everything is starting with the 681 series produced by Binder.


The product portfolio is being extended by AMP-series produced by Ampliversal.

The first own cable assemblies are being manufactured.


The legal form of the company is being converted into GmbH. The company was first originally being named Electronic Distributor Börsig GmbH, later just Börsig GmbH with the addition Electronic Distributor.


After the construction of a new company building, in January the Börsig GmbH moves into it´s new headquarters in the Richard-Wagner-Straße 21 in Neckarsulm.


The sale of connectors is being extended by the products manufactured by HARTING.


The company is growing. In Freiberg - Germany a sales office is being established starting with two employees. In addition, the company´s headquarters in Neckarsulm are being expanded for more storage space.


The cable assembly company Strähle GmbH, of which the Börsig GmbH is already holding equity of since 1992, is being taken over and renamed in Kabelkonfektionen Börsig GmbH.


Company founder Heribert Börsig appoints his son Stefan Börsig as CEO. The Börsig GmbH is on target for succession of a 100 percent family owned company​​.

After the construction of a new company building in the Siegmund Loewe-Straße 5 in Neckarsulm, the company moves into the current headquarters.


The company DAD based in Neuenstadt - Germany is being acquired. The product portfolio is being extended by military connectors.


The sales structure of Börsig GmbH is being further developed. Another sales office in Ense - Germany is being established.


To intensify the distribution in Austria the Börsig Austria GmbH is being founded with its headquarters in Vienna. With a new field manager, the personal customer service of the distributor Börsig can also be offered in Austria directly and comprehensively.

Börsig has received the official Distributionrights for DEUTSCH products of the manufacturer TE Connectivity. These products are used  for example in field of industrial and commercial transport (ICT).


Börsig founds Börsig s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. The subsidiary, based in Brno, provides global customer support in Eastern Europe.

The Electronic-Distributor celebrates his 50th anniversairy and looks back on a very positive development in the past few years.


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