USB-C connectors from Enchitec


M16/ M22 USB-C coupler and USB-C cable

The M16 and M22 USB-C couplers serve as reliable connection elements and offer stable signal transmission and durability. The USB type C cable enables fast data transmission and reliable power supply. It is available in various lengths and offers flexibility when connecting USB type C devices.

M16/ M22 USB-C coupler

Overview technical data:  

  • 24 pole 
  • IP64 (IP67 with cap) 
  • Material: plastic (PA), black 
  • Contact: gold-plated 
  • USB standard 3.1 
  • Transfer rates of up to 10 GBit/s 
  • Waterproof cap

USB-C cable

Overview technical data: 

  • 24 pole
  • Material PVC
  • Contact: gold-plated
  • Lengths: 1.0 and 1.5 m
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