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Cost-efficient and resource-saving device connection via only one conductor pair is a pioneering trend in industrial cabling. In accordance with the specifications of IEC standards 63171-5 and 63171-6 for single-pair Ethernet, binder is developing compact solutions of the M8 design for data and power transmission in the factory and process automation environment.

Product design according to IEC standard
binder is currently developing products in accordance with IEC standards 63171-5 and 63171-6 for single-pair Ethernet. The standards define the dimensions as well as the mechanical, electrical and transmission characteristics; also the environmental requirements, test specifications and mating faces for SPE data transmission. They cover both shielded and unshielded connectors, which must be designed to be interoperable and interchangeable in terms of their internal transmission performance.

The current product development at binder is based on two basic technologies: on the one hand, power supply via PoDL, and on the other hand, a hybrid concept that provides for separate data and power transmission. Accordingly, the new SPE products of the 808 series are 2- and 4-pole M8 connectors as well as the respective mating connectors for the device side according to IEC 63171-5 and IEC 63171-6, respectively. The first products, as connectors that can be assembled, are intended for flexible connection directly in the field and are expected to be available from 2023.


Areas of application:

  • Networking of field devices in factory and process automation.



  • Design: M8 field-terminable
  • Compatibility: SPE according to IEC 63171-5 or IEC 63171-6, 100 Mbit/s
  • Locking: screw locking
  • Connection technology: screw connection
  • Number of poles: 2-, 4-pole
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Special features: Power-over-Data-Line or hybrid connector

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