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200 Cambridge Science Park
Milton Road
Cambridge, CB4 0GZ, UK

Bulgin, a Global Connectivity Consultancy that is widely recognised as a leading manufacturer of environmentally sealed connectors and components. With over 95 years of experience in the industry, our vision is to continue to innovate and develop products and services to cater for our global customer base across a variety of markets.

The Electronic-Distributor Börsig is authorized sales-partner of Bulgin since 2017.

Series of products

  • Power-Connectors

    • Protective rating:  IP66-, IP67-, IP68- und IP69K
    • 2 bis 32 poles
    • Screw, solder or crimp terminations
    • Metal or plastic connector housings
  • Data-Connectors

    • Suitable for Ethernet, USB (Mini- und Mirco-USB) and SMB applications
    • Cat 5e requirements
    • Suitable for USB version 2.0
    • Protective rating: IP66-, IP67-, IP68- und IP69K
  • Fiber Optic Connectors

    Fiber Optic Connectors
    • Safest and fastest option for data transmission
    • Accommodates industry
    • Standard LC interfaces as per IEC 61754-20
    • Wide Operational Temprature Range: -25 / 70°C
    • Protection Rating IP68

    Bulgin Fiber Optic Connectors

    Connectors for simplex and duplex optical fibers

  • Automation Connectors

    Automation Connectors
    • Ideal connectivity solution for automation technologies
    • Secure connectors with a high degree of environmental protection
  • Rectangular Power Connectors

    Rectangular Power Connectors
    • Extensive variety of connectors
    • Robust and watertight
    • Examples of use: industry and automotive applications
  • Sensors

    • Optimised photoelectric sensors
    • High degree of mechanical and electrical stability
    • Flexible sensing for manufacturing and industrial automation
  • Switches

    • Meet design requirements of a wide variety of applications
    • Examples of use: medical, industrial and marine
    • Switches are available for front and rear panel mounting
  • Battery Holders

    Battery Holders
    • Manufactured with high quality materials
    • Holders for the following battery types:  AAA (R03), AA (R6), C (R14), D (R20) and PP3 (6R61)
    • Accomodation for 1,2,3 or 4 batteries
  • IEC Connectors

    IEC Connectors
    • Full range of quality mains rated inlets, outlets and connectors
    • Conforming IEC- and EN 60320 
    • Connectors with UL-, CSA-, VDE- and other approvals
  • IEC Power Distribution Units

    IEC Power Distribution Units
    • IEC power distribution units combine 4, 5 or 6 outlets
    • With Neon indicator, fuses and switch options
  • Power Entry Modules

    Power Entry Modules
    • Adaptable and flexible solution to panel design
    • More than 26.000 combination possibilities
  • EMI Mains Filters

    EMI Mains Filters
    • Extensive filter range
    • Safe reduction of electromagnetic interference in main power networks
    • Designed for a wide range of EMI problems
  • Fuse Holders

    Fuse Holders
    • Robust fuse holders offer high protection for electronic devices
    • All models have worldwide safety approvals
    • Made from high quality and flame retardant materials such as nylon and polyester
  • LED Indicators

    LED Indicators
    • Wide variety of LED luminaires for mounting in panels and control panels
    • Extensive range in different colours and shapes
    • Sealed versions with IP67 protection also available
  • Enclosures

    • IP67 compliant enclosures 
    • Designed for use with control switches and electronic devices
    • Available with cover and pre-formed cut-outs

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