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PTR HARTMANN develops, manufactures and markets standard-components as well as customer-specific products for widely varying tasks.

The built-up Know-how incorporates with the more and more complex applications and lots of intelligent solutions in the field of electronic switches and connectors.

The original DIP switches and all the other products of the PTR HARTMANN GmbH you can get at your PTR HARTMANN Distributor Börsig.

Series of products

  • Printed circuit board terminals

    Printed circuit board terminals
    • Screw clamps with wire protection, lift or eccentric principle
    • Spring clamps with pushin or tension spring principle

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  • Printed circuit board connectors

    Printed circuit board connectors
    • Screw clamps with wire protection, lift or eccentric principle
    • Spring clamps with pushin or tension spring principle

    A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the product portfolio for our PCB connectors and offers our customers maximum user-friendliness for connection and reliable processing. Together with the pin headers, the PCB connectors form a so-called connector system. These systems are available in a wide range of colors.

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  • Terminal blocks

    Terminal blocks
    • Optionally with push-in, screw, tension spring or pluggable tension spring principle. 

    We offer all common products from feed-through, protective conductor, disconnect, fuse, multi-level, installation and initiator terminal blocks to motor connection, (knife) disconnect and direct mounting terminal blocks.

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  • PFC Reactor

    PFC Reactor

    Components for energy storage in PFC circuits according to DIN EN 6100-3-2. Good EMC behavior is achieved by a low-capacitance design with metal powder cores. Metal powder materials are characterized in the application by a low stray field and high saturation currents. A wide range of core materials is available for optimal matching.

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  • Pin Headers STL190

    Pin Headers STL190

    Unique in the world: We offer SMT-capable pins with Pick&Place pad for automatic assembly - this saves space on the bottom of the PCB. These pins can be used for connection with our female headers or in KNX technology. The pad holds the pins in place during assembly and reflow soldering and is simply removed and disposed of afterwards.

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  • Current compensated choke

    Current compensated choke

    For the suppression of asymmetrical, power line-borne interference in the entire range of power electronics. The use of different core materials and geometries is matched to the frequency spectrum and enables a compact design. Depending on the application, designs with two, three or four windings are possible.

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  • Rotary coding switch P56

    Rotary coding switch P56

    In rotary coding switches with many positions, the dimensions of the mechanical switching transitions are in the tenth of a millimeter range. Latching springs and latching slots must be optimally matched to each other in order to achieve perfect latching behavior, even for rotary coding switches with 32 or 64 switching positions.

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  • Rotary coding switch P25

    Rotary coding switch P25

    Most of our rotary coding switches are processed using reflow soldering methods. With our plastics expertise, we can equip the switches with pre-assembled actuators in customer-specific colors that pass through the reflow process without degradation.

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  • DH2 rotary wheel switch

    DH2 rotary wheel switch

    We combine plastic and switch technology to create unique switch solutions worldwide. The combination of rotary coding switches with special actuators opens up new application possibilities, e.g., in narrow top-hat rail housings.

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  • DIP switch

    DIP switch
    • 1.27 mm and 2.54 mm pitch
    • Through hole, SMT and JHook solder pins
    • Horizontal, vertical and piano actuation
    • SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT, 3PST, 4PST, TriState (+, 0, )

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  • Pushbutton switch

    Pushbutton switch
    • Various switch sizes
    • Many different actuator heights and actuating forces
    • Lying and standing variants
    • Ultra-flat switches
    • Waterproof switches

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  • Micro switch

    Micro switch
    • Various sizes and types, e.g. waterproof variants
    • Solder and plug-in connections
    • NC, NO, changeover contacts, various additional actuators
    • ambient temperature up to 130 °C possible
    • approvals cURus, ENECVDE

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  • Slide switch

    Slide switch
    • ThroughHole and SMT solder pins
    • Can be used as on/off or toggle switch

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  • Fibre Optics

    Fibre Optics
    • For front panel mounting
    • With solder pin or press-fit pin
    • For SMTLEDs
    • Customized designs possible

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  • Interface blocks

    Interface blocks

    Short, compact design, board-to-board contacting, reflowable – SMD

    Connection options

    • SMD - Surface Mount Design - for machine placement
    • THR - Through Hole Reflow
    • for manual/machine placement
    • Crimp connection - for manual wiring
    • sleeve connection
    • solder termination
    • Vertical and horizontal

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  • Integrated connection technology

    Integrated connection technology
    • Height on TS35 mounting rail less than 80 mm
    • Proven screw and push-in connection technology
    • Clear system labeling
    • Test openings under the center labeling fields
    • Uniformity of contour and continuous bridgeability
    • Laser-markable plastic, meets UL94 V0 and NFF 16 101/102 I2F2 requirements
    • Latching base on both sides with individually mountable DINRail coding
    • Optional housing openings for LED prisms, DIP and slide switches

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