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Since 1960 Weller Tools offers controlled soldering, developed in Germany. The company is part of the Apex Tool Group, based in the USA, and has access to production capacity, logistics and repair centers of a global group.

The constantly improved and enhanced soldering-systems are energy efficient and feature the latest standards in measurement and control technology for maximum precision and performance. This is proven with the accordance to IPC J-STD001 D and DIN EN 61191-1. All systems are protected against electrostatic discharge.

In addition to the classic soldering stations with a broad variety of soldering tools, the franchised Weller Distributor Börsig also offers repair systems, fume extraction systems and related accessories.

Soldering tips and tricks

Series of products

  • Soldering stations & accessories

    Soldering stations & accessories

    The various ESD-secured soldering stations, equipped with temperature control, if ordered as set, are being shipped including soldering iron (with exchangeable tip) and safety rest. Every single component is available separately.

  • Soldering and desoldering stations

    Soldering and desoldering stations

    The soldering and desoldering stations are suitable for professional repair work on high-tech electronic subunits in production, service and laboratory.

  • Fume extraction systems

    Fume extraction systems

    Fine dust and fumes are side-products of the soldering-process. These can harm the human organism as well as our environment. Weller offers fume extraction systems to catch and filter these byproducts. Volume and spot extraction are possible.

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