HUMMEL M23 Circular Connectors

The Hummel M23 family of circular connectors offers the ideal solution for every application - be it signal transmission, power, Industrial Ethernet or hybrid applications.

An outstanding feature is the modular concept, which allows an impressive variety of variants. With HUMMEL circular connectors, housings, inserts and contacts can be flexibly combined with each other, ensuring maximum adaptability. Pluggability is not neglected, as the M23 circular connectors are available with various locking options.

They can be equipped with either the classic screw lock, the TWILOCK quick lock or the pluggable TWILOCK-S version, which is compatible with the Speedtec locking system. Quality is a key factor here, as the connectors have UL, CSA and VDE approvals.

Overview of the M23 articles: 

  • M23 Signal 
  • M23 Performance 
  • M23 Profinet 
  • M23 Hybrid 
  • M23 RJ45 
  • Encapsulated circular connectors M23 signal and M23 power connectors 


  • Signal, Power, Industrial Ethernet 
  • Modular concept: housing and inserts can be combined 
  • Screw or TWILOCK quick-release fastener 
  • TWILOCK-S: pluggable with speedtec 
  • Approvals according to UL, CSA and VDE 

HUMMEL M23 Hybrid Connectors

HUMMEL Round Connectors M23/M40

M23 Signal Cable Connector Installation Video

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