KISSLING relays and contactors are gas-free relays designed for long life under extreme operating conditions. They are sealed with technology that meets or exceeds IP67 and IP6K9K standards. They are available in voltages from 12 to 600 VDC and continuous currents from 20 amps to 1000 amps.

With single or dual coil systems and monostable or bistable magnetic circuits, the relay range can meet a wide range of industrial requirements. But we also understand the individual needs of our customers and customized solutions are an important part of our business. Ultra-compact and lightweight variants are available for space and racing applications. The complete relay portfolio includes high power relays, smart relays, industrial power relays and specialty relays such as electronic control relays and time delay relays.


The classification and typing (series) of KISSLING Contactors take place according to the technical application, technical design/concept and function. Special series or series enhancing solutions are also available, e.g. high voltage solutions, integration of electronics (smart Contactor) and special applications.

Relay Technical Details:

  • from 50A ...up to 1000A
  • DC power switching under load
  • 12V 800VDC continuous voltage with 100% duty cycle
  • wide range of products
  • non latching
  • with latching
  • with / without electronics
  • without gas filling


Product overview KISSLING relays

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