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Börsig is authorised distributor of Entrelec terminal blocks

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After the takeover of the terminal block business of the ABB brand Entrelec by TE Connectivity, Börsig now holds the official distribution rights for the DACH - CZ - PL - HU - SK regions for this well-proven series of products.

High-quality Entrelec terminal blocks are characterised by their robust construction and are therefore especially suitable for use in critical applications and in demanding environments. The connectors offer a wide variety of connection methods, with over 8.000 solutions and are thus certified worldwide for the most varied applications, e.g. CB, UL, IEC, ATEX and CSA certification.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Profit from top quality
  • Simplify and speed up your work flows
  • A suitable option for any connection requirement
  • Reliable delivery times
  • No minimum order value


  • Connection options from 0.22 to 300 mm²
  • A wide range for all applications and functions
  • Worldwide availability
  • Exclusive solutions and connection methods such as ADO system terminal blocks, Essailec test blocks and Interfast PLC system wiring

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Summary of Entrelec Product Series

SNA Series

SNK Series

Solution Series

Wide variety of connection methods

Screw connection technology

Screw connection technology stands for reliable and secure connections and prevents separation due to vibration, impacts or even unintended pulling on the cables. The flexible screw cap connection allows the connection of a maximum of two cores per terminal. A flap in the clamping ring prevents the cable from being pushed in underneath the clamping ring. This reduces errors when wiring.


  • Connection options from 0.2 to 240 mm²
  • Hardened steel ensures a robust connection
  • Integrated self-locking system makes subsequent retightening unnecessary.
  • High torque resistance due to stamped terminals with 30% longer threads.

PI Spring connection technology

Intelligent 2 in 1 PI connection technology offers you the advantages of two methods (push-in and spring) in one connector. The push-in mode provides a connection time that is 50% faster and the spring mode reduces both the amount of work and the preparation time required for the cable core. The flat surface of the PI spring allows the cable core and screwdriver to be inserted more easily. The connection angle is 30° and so provides simple wiring.


  • Connection capability from 0.2 to 25 mm² (26 to 4 AWG)
  • High resistance to corrosion (> 1,000 h)
  • Stable electrical contact even for applications subject to frequent impacts and vibration (e.g. railway applications).

Spring-assisted screw connection technology

Spring-assisted screw connection technology - a combination of a spring-assisted screw connection and an angled ferrule - provides the greatest possible security, even under demanding working conditions. An electrically conducting connection is guaranteed even if the screw is unintentionally pulled out. Thanks to the high wiring density (max. 2 cable lugs per terminal), it is possible to save space in the control cabinet.


  • Connection capability from 0.22 to 10 mm² (22 to 6 AWG)
  • Robust construction (clamping ring + spring made of hardened steel)
  • Meets the IEC and BS TS5018 standards

Plug-in connection technology

Plug-in connection technology guarantees top efficiency in installation. It improves system efficiency, increase productivity and optimizes the wiring. Thanks to its Plug & Play function, easy installation and commissioning are assured. The time required for installation and testing can be reduced by up to 90%.


  • Connection capability from 0.2 to 6 mm² (26 to 10 AWG)
  • Resistant to vibration and impacts

ADO System® IDC technology

The ADO System® technology is based on Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) (termination clamp) technology. This allows huge increases in productivity, since the wiring time is up to 80% less compared to screw connections. At the same time, it offers a secure and reliable connection even in demanding environments. Since the wiring can only be released with the tool, the connections are protected unintended actions.


  • Connection capability from 0.22 to 4 mm² (24 to 12 AWG)
  • Technologies: ADO/screw connection and ADO/ADO terminal blocks
  • Gas-tight connection
  • Maintenance -free connection with no screws
  • C-shaped jaws permit contact forces that remain balanced.

Bolt connection technology

Bolt connection technology that is secure against separation improves the security of the wiring due to using a connection that cannot be pulled out (bolt + cable lug). Thanks to the high wiring density, it is possible to save space in the control cabinet. This connection technology is available with one or two cable cores per bolt. The application spectrum for bolt connection technology is extremely broad. It is highly suited for industrial applications and demanding environments (e.g. railways).


  • Connection ability up to 300 mm² (1,000 Kcmil)
  • Vibration-resistant components (washers, nuts)
  • Suited to industrial controller or power distribution applications
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