SNK Series

Entrelec Terminal Blocks of SNK Series

The innovative SNK series is available with the following connection technologies: PI spring connection (push-in and spring), screw and plug-in connection. The series allows a wide variety of function and solutions, since the accessories can be combined with all the different variations. The series was designed for use worldwide and for demanding environments such as areas at risk of explosion or rail, marine and solar applications.


  • Connection times that are up to 50% shorter and reduced preparation of the cable cores thanks to PI spring connection technology.
  • Screw connection technology means that the connections no need to be tightened up again later.
  • The PI spring and screw connection terminal blocks have uniform accessories and thus reduce inventory by up to 50%. Quicker selection and installation can be achieved due to optimized accessories and direct connection functions.
  • Installation and wiring errors are reduced due to the asymmetrical shape and the large area for labelling.
  • The terminal markings are easily visible from all directions.


  • A wide variety of functions and solutions are available: passthrough, protective earth, disconnect, safety clip, multi-tier and measuring-disconnect terminals
  • Exclusive to the SNK series: terminator plates and separator plates to suit several types and sizes of terminal blocks.
  • Two jumpering channels allow multiple configurations: jumpering, testing and measuring
  • Saving in time and storage space with insulated plug-in cross-connectors, can be disconnected, up to 50 pole.
  • The flat labelling area allows easy marking beforehand or the use of labelling cards and labels.
  • Shorter installation times thanks to plug-in protective earth terminals, end holders, plugs and jumpers.


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