SNA Series

Entrelec Terminal Blocks of SNA Series

The terminal blocks of the established SNA product series are available both in screw and bolt connection form with a wide selection of cross sections and colours. The SNA series has been approved for standard and power applications up to 300 mm² (1,000 Kcmil).


  • Large variety of colours available; improved overview in the control cabinet.
  • SNA connection technologies (screw and bolt connection): It is not necessary to subsequently retighten the screws thanks to a specially developed self-locking system.
  • Asymmetrical shape: No more installation and wiring errors.
  • Various installation options (e.g.TS32 top hat rail, control cabinet or switch panel): flexible installation possible
  • Locking bolts: up to 50% faster installation, since 10 preassembled terminals can be connected to the top hat rail at one time thanks to the locking bolt.Screw cross-connectors: Incorrect use can be avoided.


  • Connection capability from 0.2 to 300 mm² (22 AWG to 1,000 Kcmil)
  • Connection technologies: screw connection, bolt connection
  • Functions available: passthrough, protective earth, disconnect, safety clip, multi-tier, test and measuring terminals
  • Bolt connection terminal blocks available in bolt-bolt or bolt-screw connection form.
  • Large area for labelling allows easy marking beforehand with a marking pen or the use of labelling cards and labels.


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