Force Majeure TE: Notification Regarding Resin Suppliers

Dear Channel Partner,

TE Connectivity (TE) has received Force Majeure notice letters from some of our resin suppliers as a result of adverse weather conditions currently affecting a number of Southern U.S. states; the suppliers announced shortage or significantly longer lead times against our requirements for resins, including but not limited to PBT (FR/HR), HTPA, LCP, PA/EVA/PP, PA6 (FR) and especially PA66 (FR), affecting TE products that you purchase from us (hereinafter the “Products”).

TE is actively working to learn our suppliers’ resulting allocation decisions and determine how those allocation decisions are going to impact our production. 

As a result of this situation that is beyond our reasonable control, a negative impact on our ability to supply is inevitable and consequently your company will be experiencing increases in quoted lead times, longer shipment times and/or rescheduled orders for the Products. TE is committed to providing, to the degree possible, up-to-date product lead times and order confirmation schedules via our ecommerce system.

TE must respectfully advise that these circumstances (i) render TE’s performance practically and/or commercially impossible, and (ii) constitute a Force Majeure event under all applicable agreements between TE and its customers and their respective affiliates. As such, TE will not accept responsibility (including the responsibility for financial costs) for any resulting line-down or other supply chain related charges.

Although TE can’t control every factor influencing our ability to maintain normal production levels and logistics around the world, our teams are working hard to mitigate the impact to your business, and we will continue to provide the most updated information.

At TE, we believe that EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS and appreciate your continued partnership. We understand that fluctuations in your supply can create challenges for your operations. As such, we remain committed to delivering the highest quality customer service experience possible. TE will continue to carefully monitor the supply chain situation and provide updates as the situation evolves.

If you have further questions regarding your specific order, please contact your regionally assigned TE sales representative or Solution Center Team.


Sean Miller
Vice President, Global Sales
Channel Business Unit
TE Connectivity

Lynn Holmgren
VP, Global Customer Experience
& Channel Customer Solutions
TE Connectivity


Download (pdf, 2,90 MB)

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