TE Connectivity - Force Majeure Update regarding Covid 19, Winter Olympics Beijing and Ukraine

Update on the Supply Chain Situation

Dear Valued Customers,
First of all, we would like to thank you for your cooperation and continuous support.

TE Connectivity and its affiliates (collectively, “TE”) continue to report to you in furtherance to our previous Force Majeure declaration and its subsequent updates.

We regret to inform you that the overall situation has not been significantly improved, and TE continues to experience negative impacts on our Operations and Supply Chain due to the global raw materials shortage, challenges due to COVID 19, including but not limited to different local Government measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

In addition to what has been previously reported, over the past few weeks, TE facilities and our suppliers have been experiencing disruptions in regions where TE has its operations and/or business, including but not limited to the following:

  1. From February 7th until February 18th TE Relays Plant operations in Shenzhen (China) were temporarily suspended following Shenzhen Bao’an government announcement of precaution orders to stop the spread of COVID 19 in Bao’an district and subsequent enforcement of strict protective measures and restrictions. On February 19th, TE Shenzhen Relays plant has fully resumed its operations, but the negative impact of the mandatory shutdown of the plant on TE operations has been inevitable.
  2. Movement of goods in and out of Hong Kong due to significant increase of COVID 19 cases and consequent Hong Kong Government restrictions, is limiting TE’s ability to move products in and out of Asia-Pacific region as previously scheduled. As such we are experiencing ongoing delays as we work to implement alternate transportation solutions.
  3. Beijing Olympics has caused new disruptions. The Chinese Government has a mandated shutdown of manufacturing facilities that environmentally impact the area around Beijing. This has affected some of TE’s direct material suppliers and sub-suppliers.
  4. TE continues to experience metal raw material shortage from its suppliers affected among others by negative COVID 19 situation and high global market demand of such material. The material shortage rendered longer lead time, subject to uncertainties, for many TE products requiring use of core metals. Respectively, your regional sales representative & assigned TE Sales & Customer Service Team may contact you regarding your relevant orders at any time.
  5. TE is monitoring sanctions imposed in response to Russian actions in respect of Ukraine, the geopolitical conflict has the potential to cause delays on TE finished goods and raw material movement between EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions. We are taking proactive measures where possible to minimize potential impact.

As a result of the situations that are beyond our reasonable expectation and control, a negative impact on our ability to supply is inevitable and consequently your company will still be experiencing increases in quoted lead times, longer shipment times and/or rescheduled orders for TE affected products. TE must respectfully advise your company that we will not accept responsibility (including the responsibility for financial costs) for any resulting line-down or other supply chain related charges.

The foregoing disruptions have affected manufacturing and supply chain of TE products to different degrees. Please be assured that TE is exploring all possible options to minimize the negative impact.

At TE, we believe that “EVERY COUNNECTION COUNTS” and appreciate your continued partnership. We understand that fluctuations in your supply chain can create challenges for your operations. As such, we remain committed to delivering the highest quality customer service experience possible. TE will continue to carefully monitor the situations and provide updates as the situation evolves.

If you have further questions regarding your specific order, please contact your regional sales representative & assigned TE Sales & Customer Service Team.


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