TE Connectivity Shanghai Force Majeure Notice Letter

TE Force Majeure Notice Letter

Dear Valued Customer,

As China battles multiple COVID-19 outbreaks, TE Connectivity Corporation (“TE”) continues to experience negative impacts on our operations and supply chain due to restrictions enforced by the Shanghai local government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Inbound and outbound flights are largely cancelled as of March 28, 2022, and the airport ground handling warehouses are suspended as well. Due to these conditions, transportation of products imported and exported through Shanghai, related Shanghai local warehousing services and Shanghai local pickup and deliveries will be impacted or delayed.

As a result, TE must respectfully advise that these circumstances (1) render TE’s performance practically and/or commercially impossible; and (2) constitute a Force Majeure event under all applicable agreements between TE and its customers and their respective affiliates. Please refer to attached list of affected Part Numbers. As such, TE will not accept responsibility (including the responsibility for financial costs) for any resulting line-down or other supply chain related charges, including, but not limited to, premium freight.

Please be assured that TE has already taken actions by developing alternative logistics and warehousing solutions to assist you in mitigating the possible impact of this Force Majeure event. TE is sensitive to your needs and is willing to discuss possible solutions with you. TE appreciates your understanding if there are shortages of certain TE products, a delay in delivery of certain TE products, or the increase in the transportation costs for TE products. In these situations, please feel free to contact your TE account manager or customer service representative to resolve these issues.

Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact your TE account manager or TE customer service.

Very truly yours,

Marcel Weibel
Member of Management

Klara Gaechter
Authorized Signatory

Part number list

Download (pdf, 247 kB)

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