Update to Force Majeure Notification Multiblend Chemicals Limited (Multiblend)

Dear Channel Partner,

TE Connectivity (TE) would like to share an update in relation to the fire at Multiblend Chemicals Limited (Multiblend) which TE first communicated on August 16, 2021. TE wishes to inform you that there have been considerable resources allocated to this situation/raw material issue and as a company, we are evaluating multiple options to provide the most expedient return to normal operational performances. Key actions being explored, and next steps include:

  • The qualification samples that were due to complete week commencing November 11, 2021 have unfortunately not met the specification requirements
  • TE is in the process of investigating the root cause, estimated timeline due to the requalification work is now April 2022


Whilst TE is working to resolve this issue and mitigate any impact therefrom, TE must advise that the force majeure situation remains. As a reminder, the affected products are listed below, and are unchanged from the force majeure notification issued by TE on August 16, 2021. These products are Zerohal jacketed cables usually designed for marine or defense applications of the following types:

  • VG 95218 Cables for marine applications: Part 22 Type D, Part 23 Type C, Part 27 Type A, Part 28 Type C and Part 28 Type E
  • Def Stan 61-12 Part 25 multi-core cables
  • Bespoke design multi-core Zerohal® jacketed cables (EPDs)
  • 100G jacketed cables
  • 99M jacketed cables
  • Ethernet cables with Zerohal® jacket
  • CLFH Cheminax cables with Zerohal® jacket
  • ZHPCG, LHC, ZHI Zerohal® power cables


TE is working towards building a more detailed timeline on back to normal operations and future order lead times which we will communicate in the near future. If you have any questions regarding your specific order, please contact your regionally assigned TE sales representative or Solution Center Team.



Mark Johnstone

Senior Manager of Product Management

TE Connectivity

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