RADOX® from HUBER+SUHNER: New practices


RADOX® cables for electric boats

HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® cables and cable systems, traditionaly used in the automotive industry, can also be used in electric boats. LTS Marine produces and delivers electric drivetrains for electric boats and is evaluating automotive cables from HUBER+SUHNER to supply power from the battery to the motor.

LTS Marine is also planning to install charging outlets in their system and is looking for standard solutions for that application. Due to the properties of the RADOX® insulation material, the cables are highly resistant to thermal, chemical, electrical and mechanical loads - making them ideal for applications such as the propulsion system for electric boats.

RADOX® inter-vehicle jumper systems for trains

Austrian Federal Railways has ordered new state-of-the-art local and regional trains from Siemens. These trains are fitted with RADOX® inter-vehicle jumper systems from HUBER+SUHNER.

The robust RADOX® cable systems take into account the specific vehicle geometry and movements of the trains. The inter-vehicle jumper systems also boast an above-average service life. The adjustment of the systems to the vehicle geometry and train movements is crucial in ensuring that the carriage transitions are not placed under excess stress and for achieving the required service life. The materials and construction of RADOX® inter-vehicle jumper systems from HUBER+SUHNER have been designed specifically for use in such situations.

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