DTM Series

Multi-pole connectors with lower ampere ratings

Building on the DT design strengths, the DTM connector line from TE Connectivity was developed to fill the need for lower amperage, multi- pin, inexpensive connectors. With this the DEUTSCH DTM Series connectors are the answer to all of your smaller wire gauge applications. The DTM Series offers the designer the ability to use multiple size 20 contacts, each with 7.5 amp continuous capacity, within a single shell.

Key Features:

  • Accepts contact size 20 (7.5 amps)
  • 16-22 AWG
  • 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 cavity arrangements
  • In-line, flange and PCB mount
  • Retangular, thermoplastic housing
  • Integrated latch for mating
  • Wedgelocks assure contact alignment and retention

Material Specifications:

  • Grommet: Silicone rubber
  • Insert Retainer: Thermoplastic
  • Receptable Interfacial Seal: Silicone rubber
  • Shell: Thermoplastic
  • Wedgelocks: Thermoplastic


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