PHOENIX CONTACT Charging and Load Management

PHOENIX Contact offers management tools for optimizing charging infrastructure operations under the "Charx manage" series. The whole thing is intended to be an interface between electric car drivers, charging park operators, facility management and backend service providers.



  • Avoids expensive outages 
  • Ensures the availability of the charging park 
  • Easy commissioning 
  • Setup and management via web browser 
  • Touch operation 
  • Future-proof and flexible 
  • Flexible connection 

Phoenix Contact's charging management meets the increasing demand for charging options. Due to the increasing number of electric vehicles that need to be charged, the infrastructure must also grow in parallel. Larger parking areas such as parking garages or parking lots are therefore increasingly equipped with charging columns.  

This constant expansion of the infrastructure poses a major challenge to the planners of such charging parks. It is important to be able to charge as many vehicles as possible simultaneously with the given connection. The scalable software solution from Phoenix Contact is used for this purpose.


Software basic licenses 

You receive staggered basic licenses to match the size of your loading park.

Specification  for 5 charging points for 10 charging points for 20 charging points for 30 charging points for 50 charging points
Art.-Nr. 1153509 1086929 1153508 1086921 1086920


Software Upgrade Licences 

For later extensions you will receive favorable upgrade licenses.

Specification from 5 to 10 charging points from 10 to 20 charging points from 10 to 30 charging points from 20 to 30 charging points from 30 to 50 charging points
Art.-Nr. 1153513 1153516 1086891 1153520 1086889


Compatible industrial PCs 

Depending on the architecture of the loading park, you choose between two suitable industrial PCs with coordinated hardware performance. You can install the software on them in just a few minutes.

Specification Panel-PC with multi touch display 12,1 inch Box PC
Application Loading parks with authorization and touch operation at the central terminal Charging parks without authorization or with decentralized authorization at each charging point
Type VL2 PPC12 1000 BL2 BPC 1000
Art.-Nr. 2403710 2404777
Recommended configuration key D46/A20/I38/R26/M69/OS71/EF00/O00/S00 A21/I42/R26/M71/OS71/S00/EF00/EF00


Compatible Charging Controls 

Depending on the type of charging and the required range of functions, we offer you compatible charging controllers. These are connected to the industrial PC via Ethernet.

Specification CHARX control advanced CHARX control advanced plus CHARX control professional
Scope of functions AC Charging, Energy data collection AC Charging, Energy data collection, RFID Authentification, Residual current monitoring DC Charging via CCS and CHAdeMO, AC Charging, Energy data collection, RFID Authentification
Art.-Nr. 2902802 1018701 16224130
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