Harting Charging Sockets and Plug Holders

Charging sockets for charging stations and wallboxes

Harting offers charging equipment for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in its product portfolio, which has approvals and certificates for all legal requirements and specific markets worldwide.


AC charging socket for charging electric vehicles

  • Installation in an AC charging station / wallbox. 
  • For charging electric vehicles with alternating current for the European market 
  • Use of charging cables with type 2 charging plug according to IEC 6 1851-1 and IEC 62196-2 
  • The cable connections of the charging socket can be designed individually 


Plug holder for Type 2 charging cable

  • Front mounting 
  • Simple one-hand operation 
  • Individualization through gel marking 

Charging sockets and plug holders

Description Charging power Current Art.-Nr.
Charging socket type-2, Motor interlock up to 22 kW 32 A 61 13 213 0371
Charging socket type-2, Magnetic interlock up tos 22 kW 32 A 61 13 213 0381
Plug holder type-2 61 13 213 0401 00
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