PHOENIX CONTACT Charging sockets

AC charging sockets for charging stations and wallboxes

The modular AC charging sockets CHARX connect modular from Phoenix Contacts are designed for use in charging stations and wallboxes. They enable AC charging of electric vehicles via mobile AC charging cables with an output of up to 22 kW.

With the clever modular system, you can freely combine the components of your wallbox or charging station and thus decide on the design, functionality and charging power. The charging socket and the protective cover are available in various common combinations, but also individually in other variants.
The AC charging sockets are designed for one-handed operation so that you can easily open the protective cover with the charging plug without needing a second hand. This small feature makes the charging process easier and is appreciated by many of our customers.

In addition, the charging sockets have an LED status indicator integrated into the protective cover. This display allows users to see the availability and status of the charging station at a glance. The LEDs can be freely controlled via pulse width modulation, allowing you to configure an individual color for each status of your charging point that matches your corporate design.

Product overview AC infrastructure charging sockets

Further information on technical details and designs can be found in the PHOENIX Catalogue from page 78.

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