Grounding System

Glenair Grounding System

Glenair's reliable grounding system is used to dissipate electrical currents into the ground or soil.


  • hydraulic setting tool with retraction and release mechanism is one-handed and easy to operate 
  • assembly on steel or aluminum constructions with a material thickness of 1.5 mm or more 
  • additional work steps on the structures (such as welding, pressing together, cleaning or other surface treatments at the assembly site) are no longer necessary 
  • consistent quality even with uneven or curved surfaces
  • Can be installed during any production phase


Easy to use:  

  • Drill hole to the desired diameter 
  • Bond is inserted on one side using the setting tool 
  • Audible click indicates that the fastening process is complete 
  • Remove tool and mount ground connection


Product information

"3 in 1" Hand Pliers PMTXX

The PMTXX hand pliers enables the processing of grounding bolts of different sizes. It can be operated with one hand and can be adjusted using matching color codes.


  • Earths: M6 - M8 - M10 
  • Weight: 1,4 kg 
  • Dimensions: 192 x 52 x 207 mm 
  • tensile force: 10 - 25 kN 
  • color code M6: yellow 
  • color code M8: blue 
  • Color code M10: green
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