High voltage connector terminal contactors

TE-AMP+ High-voltage connectors

Key areas for high-voltage connection systems are:


Shielding - To prevent interference in the vehicle's data and power supply system.

Safety - AMP+ high-voltage connectors are completely safe to handle because they are designed so that the live elements cannot be touched.

Clearance and creepage distances - Larger distances between conductive materials make higher voltages possible.


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Terminals for high voltage connections


PCON high-voltage connection systems for the powertrain and auxiliary units of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Advantages of PCON high performance terminals:

  • High-performance terminals for wires from 5.0 mm2 to 95 mm2 and continuous currents up to 400 amps
  • Easy mounting and optimal vibration resistance
  • Housing for 90 ° and 180 ° versions

This system is touch-safe to IEC 60529 IP2XB and UL finger standards for EV drive applications.


Miniaturized terminal and plug connectors


TE-Connectivity offers miniaturized terminal block and connector series that can be installed in a wide variety of locations in vehicles.

These are connectors for:

  • Subsystem modules
  • Engine control units
  • Data connections
  • Airbag systems
  • Battery cell modules
  • Cable connections

High voltage contactors


TE Connectivity's high-voltage contactors meet the demanding switching requirements of hybrid and electric vehicles as well as fuel cell vehicles and charging systems, ensuring safe disconnection and connection of the traction battery.

The portfolio includes the models:

  • EVC 175
  • EVC 250
  • EVC 250-800

In addition, the EVC 135 and EVC 500 connectors provide fast and reliable current switching.

The Mini K HV precharging relays are cost-effective and a safe and lightweight solution for DC high-voltage power systems.


The HIVONEX PowerTube connector system is a high-performance solution for the future of e-mobility in industrial and commercial transportation. With its scalable and modular header, available in 180° or 90° orientation and up to 3 positions per connector, it enables reliable connections in extreme conditions. The innovative cube-shaped design of the busbar interface ensures independent connectivity. IP6K9K protection, position protection (CPA) and high voltage interlock loop (HVIL) ensure safe functions in any contact.

IPT-HD Power Bolt Connectors


The HIVONEX portfolio includes the IPT-HD Power Bolt connectors, designed as high-voltage and high-current connectors. Their new shielding design enables low contact resistance and thicker conductor cross-sections for demanding applications in electric vehicles, such as motor control units (MCUs), axles and motors. These high-current connectors provide reliable performance in extreme environments with temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +125 °C and severe vibration at the motor level. The series complies with ISO and LV standards and is available in conductor cross-sections of 50 mm², 70 mm² and 95 mm², allowing them to be used in various vehicles such as buses, trucks, construction and agricultural vehicles.

High-voltage locking connectors - HVA HD400


The HVA HD400 high-voltage connectors from the HIVONEX portfolio are of great importance for hybrid and electrified industrial and commercial vehicles. They ensure reliable operation of HVAC systems, heaters, hydraulic pumps and electronic power steering. With IP68 and IP6K9K ratings, they are specifically designed for demanding environments and high vibration. The integrated HVIL function monitors the high voltage circuit and sends an alarm in case of damage or disconnected components.

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