PHOENIX CONTACT Overvoltage Protection

PHOENIX Contact offers under the series "Charx protect" technology to protect the charging station and electric vehicles from lightning and overvoltages. Thus, climatic or technical disturbances cannot cause any damage.



  • Complete protection 
  • Uninterrupted continuation of the charging process 
  • Protection of the connected e-vehicle 

"CHARX protect" protects the complex and sensitive technology on the electric vehicle and the charging infrastructure. In both areas, the aim is to ensure a long service life and an uninterrupted charging process.


The protective concept consists of 3 parts:


  • Type 1+2 combination arresters and type 2 arresters for the power supply protect the feed-in against dangerous overvoltages caused by lightning strikes and switching operations from the mains. 
  • With type 3 surge arresters, you ensure permanent functioning of the numerous sensitive components within your charging station. 
  • The communication components are usually connected via Ethernet and should also be protected. 
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