PHOENIX CONTACT Charging Sockets

Vehicle charging sockets

The CHARX connect universal vehicle charging sockets offer a versatile charging solution for electric vehicles, commercial vehicles and mobile machinery. They enable charging with both alternating current and direct current, from low charging power to high power charging. In addition to CCS charging sockets, GB/T variants are also available for the Chinese market.
Developed in accordance with the requirements of the automotive industry according to IATF 16949, these charging sockets offer robust and proven technology for all types of electric vehicles. They are waterproof, dirt and dust resistant according to high IP protection standards.

The vehicle charging sockets have been successfully tested according to ISO 20653 and offer comprehensive protection against water immersion to a depth of up to one meter, splash water, dust ingress and contact. Both the inside and outside of the charging sockets offer this protection, even when the charging flap is open and the charging plug is not plugged in.
The degree of protection of the front area has been tested in various situations. When the vehicle charging socket is open, it offers protection against strong jets of water under increased pressure and when the protective caps are plugged in, it corresponds to the same degree of protection as when it is open. When the charging plug is plugged in, the charging socket offers protection against splashing water on all sides and solid foreign bodies with a diameter ≥1.0 mm in accordance with IP44.


Product overview

Further information on technical details and designs can be found in the PHOENIX Catalogue from page 36.

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