Antennas from TE Connectivity (TE)

The wide range of antennas includes cellular antennas, broadcast antennas, LTE antennas, RFID, IoT antennas, DAS, mmWave and more. TE Connectivity antennas are available in standard and custom configurations and are designed for use in cars (e.g. car roof antennas), trucks, including rail vehicles, and a variety of consumer electronics, including mobile and portable devices.



Antennas provide high-quality signal transmission on a wide range of frequencies, including Bluetooth, WLAN and ZigBee. TE manufactures antennas at production facilities around the world. These sites have facilities for testing near- and far-field models, dispersion parameters, SAR, exposure to vibration, humidity, thermal shock, hoarfrost, flux, and acoustics. TE also manufactures antenna kits for various antenna types.


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