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Harting's system cabling meets a wide range of requirements for data, signal and power. In addition to standard solutions, Harting also offers individually tailored, customer-specific variants.

Harting Data Cables

In combination with HARTING connectors, HARTING data cables support Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gbit Ethernet as well as Single Pair Ethernet (SPE). They are fully shielded and designed for bandwidths from 100 MHz (category 5/5e) up to 1000 MHz (category 7A).


T1 Single Pair Ethernet Cables

HARTING T1 Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) cables are shielded cables designed for use in harsh industrial environments. Depending on the cable type, HARTING T1 SPE cables meet the requirements of IEC 61156-11 and IEC 61156-12 for fixed and flexible cabling for data rates of up to 1 Gbit/s over 40m at a bandwidth of up to 600 MHz. 

  • IEEE 802.3: 10Base-T1; 100Base-T1; 1000Base-T1 
  • suitable for combination with HARTING SPE connectors 
  • suitable for fixed and flexible installation in industrial environments 
  • Power over Data Line (PoDL) 


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Video "Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) explained easily: The enabler for IIoT

Fast Ethernet Cables

Profile-specific cables according to PROFINET and Sercos III specification. 

HARTING Fast Ethernet cables are 4-core data cables for the transmission of 100 Mbit/s (category 5) in automation environments. They meet the cable specification according to IEC 61 784-5-x and can be used in various applications according to their classification. 

  • Type A - fixed installation 
  • Type B - movable installation 
  • Type C - trailing and torsion cables 



10 Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Cables

For high data rates in industrial environments 

HARTING Industrial Ethernet data cables have been designed for flexible installation in industrial buildings and are ideally suited for assembly with HARTING RJ45 data connectors in IP20 and in IP65/67. The four-pair TP design allows the transmission of IT data and analog signals such as Ethernet 10/100Mbit/s, 10GigaBit/s, video and audio as well as IP data services and offer all the properties for setting up a complete generic cabling system according to ISO/IEC 24702 or EN 50173-3.

  • generic cables according to category 6A / class EA according to ISO/IEC 11801 resp. EN 50173-1 
  • especially for flexible installation as system cable 
  • up to category 7 for 10 Gbit Ethernet (10 Gbit/s) 
  • applicable in industrial buildings 
  • good EMC properties due to double shielding 
  • depending on cable type oil and UV resistant, flame retardant, halogen free, RoHS compliant and UL certified 



Hybrid Cables

Data and power transmission in one cable 

HARTING hybrid cables combine the properties of data cables and signal or power cables. Due to the very good EMC properties, the requirements of category 6 for Gigabit transmission are fulfilled, depending on the cable type. The included power or signal cores provide sufficient reserves for the power supply of the end devices or the polling of additional signals. All HARTING hybrid cables can be conveniently assembled with our Han® 3A hybrid connectors.

  • reduced cabling effort 
  • plug & play 
  • good EMC properties 
  • solutions for industrial and outdoor applications 
  • up to category 6 for 1 Gbit Ethernet (1 Gbit/s) 
  • power supply up to 230V / 16A 



RJ45 Ethernet – System Cabling

The HARTING RJ45 Ethernet system cables support all transmission speeds of Ethernet commonly used today according to IEEE 802.3. These include Fast Ethernet 100 Mbit/s, Gigabit Ethernet and for future applications also 10 Gbit/s Ethernet. To supply devices with power simultaneously, our system cables also support Power over Ethernet (PoE - up to 15.4 W according to IEEE 802.3af and PoE+ up to 25.5W according to IEEE 802.3a). Our HARTING RJ45 Ethernet system cables are designed and tested or additionally certified for industrial and industry-related applications. IP protection, plug-in safety, robustness, vibration resistance and EMC safety play a special role.


HARTING DualBoot® RJ45 System Cables

HARTING DualBoot® RJ45 system cables - ideal for cabling in control cabinets. 

The overmolded patch cables are particularly well suited for industrial cabling in protected applications, such as in control cabinets or on machines. The two-part design in the form of overmold and bend protection sleeve provides optimum strain relief and at the same time prevents the latching lugs from snagging. By using high-quality industrial data cables in combination with our 360° shielded RJ45 connectors, the HARTING DualBoot® RJ45 system cables achieve excellent transmission as well as EMC properties.


  • robust industrial design 
  • optimal EMC protection due to 360° shielding 
  • IP20 protection class 
  • transmission up to 10Gbit/s, 500 MHz according to ISO/IEC 11 801 
  • suitable for profile specific cabling like Profinet, Sercos III and many more 
  • available with different jacket materials like FRNC, PVC, PUR and many more 
  • large variety of colors for FRNC 
  • color coding optionally available 



HARTING VarioBoot®RJ45 - small, maneuverable and space saving

This solution is particularly suitable in confined spaces and especially for subsequent changes to the cable outlet direction. With the exchangeable cable outlet, it is possible to flexibly adapt the outlet direction of the cable according to the installation situation. Thus, only one cable variant is required for all situations.

  • up to Cat.6A 10 Gbit/s transmission performance 
  • overmolded angled RJ45 connector with latching lever protection 
  • adaptable and exchangeable cable outlet 
  • especially space-saving due to small design 



Product video

Cabling Solutions for RJ45 Connectors in Protected Housings

HARTING PushPull and Han® 3A cabling - our solution for a secure connection in particularly harsh environments.

With the combination of the proven RJ45 and a protected housing, our PushPull and Han® 3A assemblies achieve an IP65/67 protection class. This means they meet the best requirements for use outdoors and in particularly harsh industrial environments.
Robust RJ45 solutions for particularly harsh environmental conditions 

  • IP65/67 protection class 
  • can be combined with all HARTING Ethernet cables  



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Industrial Ethernet Switches

Networks in today's manufacturing plants are becoming increasingly complex. With the unmanaged Ethernet switches of the Ha-VIS eCon series, models with RJ45 and fiber ports are available for efficient Ethernet network setup and expansion. With Ha-VIS eCon 2000 and Ha-VIS eCon 3000 series switches, you can respond optimally to any site and application situation.


Ha-VIS eCon 2000 Family - Flat Design

The unmanaged Ethernet switches of the Ha-VIS eCon 2000 series have up to 16 Fast Ethernet ports and are also available in a 7-port Full Gigabit version. In this way, the network infrastructure can be expanded or rebuilt, saving time and economy. Thanks to their ultra-flat design, Ethernet switches can also be used in installations with limited installation space in the direction of the front cable connection.


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Ha-VIS eCon 3000 Family - Slim Design

Ha-VIS eCon 3000 Fast Ethernet Series unmanaged Ethernet switches with up to 10 Fast Ethernet ports enable fast and cost-effective expansion or new network infrastructure. Full Gigabit switches offer up to 7 ports for high throughput applications. Thanks to their slim design, Ethernet switches can also be placed on DIN rails with very high packing density.


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