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Innovations for Connection and Automation Technology. The Nerv System of Your Industrial Plants  

The products are part of the nerve system of your industrial plant and help you to make processes more efficient and save costs. Convince yourself of our innovations from the following areas:

  • Terminal blocks, industrial connectors and sensor/actuator cabling  
  • Marking systems, tools and mounting materials  
  • Surge protection and power supplies  
  • Charging technology for electromobility  
  • Interface technology and switchgear  
  • Control technology, I/O systems and automation infrastructure 


Innovations for the connection and automation technology

Sensor / Actuator Boxes

With distribution boxes, you can wire quickly and clearly in the field. Distribution boxes simply bundle several lines in a master cable that is connected to the control unit. Thanks to the status display, you can keep track of a large number of signals.


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Passive Distribution Boxes for Any Application 

In distribution connection technology, passive distribution systems represent the link between external devices and the PLC. Phoenix Contact offers sensor/actuator housings specially designed to meet every need. Different threads for different connection technologies for backbone cable products that go beyond the classic requirements of industrial environments.


Your advantages:

  • Flexible cabling due to wide product range and various trunk line connections of the distribution boxes  
  • Increased machine availability thanks to simple diagnostics  
  • Safe in the field thanks to potted housings and high protection classes  


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With our modular sensor/actuator connectors, you can flexibly wire cables of different lengths on site. Various connection technologies ensure a fast and secure connection. With adapters and hubs, you can adapt the cabling to your needs. From connectors via M8 to M12, we offer you a wide range of circuits and designs.


Sensor/Actuator Connectors - Always The Best Connection Technology  

The cabling of sensors and actuators in the industrial environment requires a reliable and fast connection of power cables. With our ready-to-assemble M8 and M12 connectors, we offer you all M12 connection technologies according to your application. Shielded and unshielded connectors are available in straight and angled versions to ensure reliable signal, data and power transmission.


The connection technologies:

  • Push-lock connection  
  • Cutting connection  
  • Crimp connection  
  • Pierce connection  
  • Screw connection  


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Video "M12 connectors for assembly for the best connectivity technology"



Flexible Cabling With Distributor and Adapter

Maximum possibilities when distributing signals or adapting different interfaces.

  • Savings potential through distribution and bundling of signals  
  • Space-saving cabling thanks to high-pole variants  
  • Shielded distributors with 360° shielding for reliable signal transmission and distribution  
  • Flexible integration of new devices through adapters and distributors  
  • Fewer interfaces thanks to distributors with molded cable  
  • Customized distributors with individual cable lengths on request  


Your advantages

  • No unnecessary cable loops in your plant: determine cable lengths flexibly on site with field-attachable connectors  
  • Reliable and fast connection of electrical cables  
  • All connection technologies: Choose between push-lock, IDC, crimp, pierce or screw connection  
  • Flexible cabling design thanks to wide product range  
  • Safe use in the field thanks to high protection classes  


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Robust Industrial Connectors

Industrial connectors of the HEAVYCON Complete series protect your connections and ensure reliable power, data and signal transmission even under the most difficult conditions. Industrial connectors are resistant to dirt, water, vibration and high mechanical loads. The durable connectors are sealed up to protection class IP69K.


Your advantages:  

  • Always the right plug-in connection for your requirements thanks to three different design series  
  • Compatible mating: housings are assembly and mating compatible with the aluminum housings of the well-known manufacturers  
  • Flexible combination: variable connection technologies for contact inserts and terminal adapters  
  • All in one housing: modular contact inserts for signals, data, power and pneumatics simply snap into the snap-in frame and mount in the housing  
  • Reliable interfaces: all metal housings are EMC ready thanks to conductive surfaces and seals  


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Robust and Flexible I/O Modules for Decentralized Signal Acquisition

Remote I/O systems from Phoenix Contact with protection classes IP20 and IP65/67 are suitable for all common bus systems and networks. Record input and output signals directly at the control cabinet or at systems and machines. Your data and signal traffic is transmitted reliably - optimized for different application areas. Use products with different mechanical properties and functions for this purpose.


Your advantages:

  • Wide range of remote I/O systems for control cabinet and field installation  
  • Easy integration into control systems with description files  
  • Flexible use due to high functional diversity and various designs  
  • Increased system availability due to reliability even under the most adverse conditions  
  • More flexibility and functional diversity thanks to IO-Link communication  


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