Power Distribution from PHOENIX CONTACT

The power distribution system can be used to implement functional solutions for the flexible control cabinet. The CrossPowerSystem is ideally suited for this purpose.


Modular Power Distribution

Energy distributor: The system with integrated busbar for your control cabinet

The CrossPowerSystem power distribution system is a modular, functional distributor for power distribution in your control cabinet. The three-phase DIN rail unit is mounted plug-and-play on the distributor and supplied via the integrated busbar. The power distributor allows the power supply of the hybrid motor starter to be snapped onto the busbar without tools or cables.


Your advantages:  

  • Save assembly and wiring time in power distribution thanks to plug-and-play  
  • Modular and functional thanks to individual configuration with 3-phase DIN rail devices  
  • Save space thanks to compact design of the power distribution system  
  • Save service time through fast fuse and component replacement, hot-swap  
  • Save costs through modularization of the control cabinet  


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