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HARTING develops, manufactures and markets electrical and electronic connectors, device connection technology, network components and assembled system cables for networking and supplying machines and systems with data, signal and power.

HARTING Han® Connectors

Probably the best-known and market-leading connector from Harting in mechanical engineering. With its variety in all common sizes, codings, connection technology and materials, it can be used in pretty much any area and is created for very high application requirements. In addition, there is the classic application, as well as the modular system and the new Domino system. With its housing interlocks, the connector housing is protected against unintentional opening and it increases the tightness. The interlocks are available in different versions.


Overview HAN series: 

  • Han A® | narrow design (up to 16 amps) 
  • Han D® / DD® / Han® DDD | up to 216 contacts  
  • Han E® / Han® ES/ESS/EE/EEE | for 16 amps  
  • Han Hv E® / Han® Hv ES | for higher voltages  
  • Han-Com® | combination connectors  
  • Han-Modular® | modular connectors  
  • Han® HsB | for higher currents 
  • Han® AV | connection distributors  
  • Han-Snap® | for use in control cabinets  
  • Han-Port® | interface for power and signals  
  • Han® Q | compact connectors  
  • Han® HC-Modular | high current connectors  
  • Han® HMC | for high mating cycles  
  • Han® High Temp | for high temperatures  
  • Han-Brid® | industrial communication interface 
  • Han® Printed Circuit Board Connector  
  • Han-Yellock®  
  • Han-Eco®  
  • Han® Housing | metric thread  
  • Han® Thermocouple  
  • Han® GND 

Video HARTING Han - Pushing Industrial Connectivity

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Interface Connectors

Interface connectors used for industrial devices as input and output paths of information in the form of data, signal and power.


  • HARTING T1 Industrial - Single Pair Ethernet 
  • HARTING ix Industrial® 
  • RJ Industrial® Multifeature 
  • RJ Industrial® RJ45 connector 
  • preLink® Ethernet cabling system 
  • PushPull device connection technology 


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D-Sub Miniature Connectors

For bus signals in industrial applications with various numbers of poles, variants, housings, contacts and designs.


  • D-Sub Standard 
  • D-Sub High Density 
  • D-Sub mixed 
  • D-Sub Filter 
  • D-Sub Waterproof 
  • D-Sub THR  
  • D-Sub SMT 
  • For wave soldering as well as reflow soldering -Through Hole Technology, Surface Mount Technology, Through Hole Reflow 
  • Modular connector for PCB D-Sub mixed  


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Circular Connectors

Whether on the device or cable side, Harting offers you an extensive portfolio of circular connectors in all common sizes and codings. 

Both field-terminable circular connectors, overmolded cable assemblies as well as PCB connectors and panel feedthroughs. 

  • M8 
  • M12 
  • M23 
  • 7/8" 
  • Han F+B connectors for the food industry 
  • HARAX Panel feed-through 


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Printed Circuit Board Connectors

Whether signal, data or power, with PCB connectors you have a wide range of possible connection solutions with different designs and numbers of poles for PCBs at your disposal.


  • HARTING har-modular®  
  • HARTING har-flex® 
  • DIN 41612 Steckverbinder 
  • HARTING har-flexicon® 


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Video har-modular assembly

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