Connectors from HUMMEL

HUMMEL circular connectors are used in many industrial applications. The product range extends from sizes M8 to M40. 

There is a suitable solution for every requirement in a wide variety of installation situations:  

  • Power or signal connectors 
  • industrial Ethernet  
  • customer-specific special application  
  • quick-connect variants 
  • Angle, coupling and device connectors also available as INOX variants 

Circular Connectors M8 to M40

  • M12 Power 
  • M16 
  • Hybrid circular connector 
  • M23 Signal 
  • M23 Power 
  • M23 Profinet 
  • M23 RJ45 
  • M27 Signal 
  • M40 Power 
  • INOX housing (M16 and M23) 
  • Overmolded circular connectors (M8, M12, M16, M23 and M40) 

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