Angled - Compact - binder Series 707


binder, introduces the angled flange parts of the M5 variant. Space is a crucial issue, especially in miniaturization development and design.

The 3-pin or 4-pin connectors in the 707 series are equipped with dip solder contacts for PCB mounting, and a screw lock ensures that the connection is secure. When plugged in and locked, the interface complies with protection class IP68.

Drones, cobots, measuring systems - the need for compact interfaces is growing with the expansion of these markets. In these and related fields of application, highly specialized, individually tailored products are being designed. Maximum reliability is a core aspect of development. Customer requirements for connection technology primarily address flexibility, robustness and consistently high quality.

The angled M5 flange parts offer special design features such as slightly splayed positioning pins for anti-twist protection and a deeper O-ring for improved sealing. The component width is just 7.5 mm, which makes it easier to use in confined spaces.

Guido Werner, Product Manager at binder, is convinced of the potential of the small circular connector design. He emphasizes the superior quality of "Made in Germany" and highlights the robustness of the 707 series.

The 707 series right-angle flange connectors are specified for 60 V rated voltage and 1 A current. They withstand surge voltages of up to 1.5 kV and are protected against dust and permanent immersion (1.8 bar for 24 hours) in accordance with IP68. Their operating temperature is between -25 °C and +85 °C, and they achieve a mechanical service life of more than 100 mating cycles.

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