binder M12 SMT connector series


binder now also offers several M12 connector series for surface mounting. SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is space-saving and ideal for automated processes, which enables considerable savings.

Especially for automated further processing, such as the dense, double-sided assembly of PCBs. This application can be found in automation technology, sensor technology, actuator technology and robotics.


SMT: Efficient and space-saving

Due to the miniaturization of electronic assemblies, surface mounting has proven itself with high component density. In contrast to classic through-hole technology (THT) or through-hole reflow (THR) technology, SMT contact pins are soldered directly onto the surface, which saves a significant amount of space. This is ideal for the tight assembly of connectors in automation technology.

SMTs are usually supplied in blister tapes (tape & reel), which makes them suitable for automated processing. This automation capability and space-saving assembly offer significant advantages, especially for large quantities or complex PCBs. They also improve heat dissipation, signal integrity and reduce the susceptibility to errors during assembly.


SMT product variety from binder

binder offers SMT products with 4, 6 and 8 poles and various codings, both shielded and unshielded. M12 connectors are available in various sets with flange housings, as built-in parts in blister packs or tape & reel packs.

The A-coded M12 connectors of the 713/763 series, B-coded 715/766, as well as the D- and X-coded 825/876 series are suitable for various applications: A-coding for sensors and DC power, B-coding for Profibus and D/X-coding for Ethernet with up to 100-Mbit and 10-Gbit respectively.

All M12 products from binder offer IP67 protection against dust and water and adapt to standard PCB drilling patterns, making it easier to switch to binder products.


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