Börsig becomes "approved exporter"


As “approved exporter” the electronic distributor is enabled to respond better, more flexible, but most of all faster to requirements of the global markets.

With the receipt of the AEO F certificate on April 4, 2014, Börsig has immediately filed the application for the "approved exporter" with the german custom authorities, which was just conceded.

Shipments are now electronically registered for the export procedure by our logistics directly here at the company headquarters in Neckarsulm. To date, this process involved the physical presentation of the according goods at the local customs office. The simplified procedure creates formidable flexibility in logistics which allows the electronic distributor of connectors and other electromechanical components to supply his global customers even faster.

Moreover, the next improvement already is in the pipeline. Currently all arrangements are being made to receive "known shipper "-status with the german “Luftfahrt-Bundesamt” (Federal department of aviation security). This results in our airfreight being considered and handled as secure cargo without further standard-inspections.

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